All your health stuff.

All in one place.

Finally, one place for the million little pieces of paper, doctor's instructions, appointment cards, check lists, health tracking notes, resources, links, etc.

Managing your own health knowledge — or that of a loved one — can be pretty overwhelming.

Centralize the information that's important to you as a patient or a caregiver.

Forget about forgetting.

Remembering healthcare information is hard. What can you capture with noodle? Almost anything, it turns out.

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Jot that random thought

Capture and remember important health-related ideas or concerns as they arise.

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Capture that fleeting feeling

Remember and later discuss thoughts with your physician during your next visit.

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Note that recommendation

Drop insightful information for future reference or inspiration.

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Track your symptoms

Record of your health status to better understand your well-being.

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Track important information

Quick access to essential knowledge for managing your health effectively.

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...or whatever.

Empower yourself to oversee your personal and health conditions.

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